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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.

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Residency Training Application for the year 2016
Profiles of people who form part of our institution. Get to know your doctors, nurses, hospital administration and staff and other co-workers.
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USTH Research

Hospital Research Unit

The unit offers guidance and assistance in the development of methodology and critical appraisal workshops for clinical researches to residents in training, medical interns, nurses and other medical personnel like pharmacists, medical technologists, physical and occupational therapists, dietary personnel, etc. who are doing their researches. The Hospital Research Unit or HRU is a competent multidisciplinary body tasked to screen all research papers involving staff, employees, equipment and facilities of the hospital. By 2011, the HRU will have published exemplary scientific output.

Institutional Review Board

The UST Hospital IRB is recognized here and abroad. This group reviews all research involving human subjects and long-term clinical research protocols. The members convene once a month to review, suggest modifications, approve or disapprove researches base on the objective of protecting the rights and the welfare of its subjects who have volunteered to participate in research studies. The committee conducts a scientific, ethical and regulatory review so that risks to subjects are minimized or are reasonable vis-a-vis the anticipated benefits, informed consent of research subjects is properly documented and that safely and confidentiality of subjects and data are maintained.