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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.
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Residency Training Application for the year 2016
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Department Of
Clinical Pathology

About Clinical Pathology

The Laboratory has been in existence since the establishment of the Hospital. In fact, the hospital’s first administrator was the eminent clinical pathologist, Dr Ernesto Medina-Cue.

Through the years, the Laboratory has metamorphosed from being a hospital unit with simple instrumentation to what it is now, a world-class facility with state-of-the-art equipment. What has remained constant is its particular attention to quality assurance, thus ensuring that laboratory results are accurate and precise. This character has served the laboratory in good stead in its involvement in the various concerns of the hospital-service, medical education, research and training.

Antonia S. Raymundo, MD
Lorna B. Lioanag, MD
Training Officer
Rodrigo C. Rodrigo, MD
Roselle L. Montano, MD
Oscar D. Ng, MD
Blood Bank
Rodrigo C. Rodrigo, MD
Lourdes T. Santiago, MD
Rodelio D. Lim, MD
Special Tests
Luz A. Gamez, MD
Alejandro E. Arevalo, MD
Manuel L. Barnes, MD
Grace J. de la Calzada, MD
Evelina N. Lagamayo,MD
Dexter A. Ledesma, MD
Leonarda A. Naranjilla, MD
Eduardo C. Pascual, MD
Leandra A. Viaña, RMT
Chief Med. Tech.
Loramie Asumpta F. Miranda, RMT
Grecita T. Palma, RMT
Blood Bank
Chona Mae L. Lamboloto, RMT
Judie T. Castro, RMT
Ellenor B. Camitan, RMT
Special Tests
Susan M. Reluao
Corazon C. Cuenco
Confidential Secretary