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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.
Patient And Visitor
Residency Training Application for the year 2016
Profiles of people who form part of our institution. Get to know your doctors, nurses, hospital administration and staff and other co-workers.
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What You Can Expect
From Us

Medical And Care Treatment

You should receive appropriate and timely medical care that is in your best interest.
You should receive considerate and respectful care that acknowledges your spiritual beliefs.
Your care should be provided in a clean and safe environment.


You should receive information about hospital services and the financial implications of these services
You should receive information about your medical condition and be informed of the staff who will be involved in your care.


You can expect that all personal medical information will be treated as strictly confidential.


You are entitled to reasonable privacy during interviews and examinations.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of care, you are entitled to make a complaint. This complaint will be dealt with fairly and promptly and you will be informed of the outcome.

What we expect from you

That you provide us with accurate and complete information about any previous medical history, medications and other facts that may affect your healthcare
That you have consideration to your fellow patients, their families and hospital staff.
That you let us know if you don't understand any aspect of the information we give you.