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Treatment Room

The Treatment Room is a decision-making unit of the University Hospital that specializes in the immediate recognition of and response to acute pathophysiologic conditions as well as in the administration, teaching, and research of all systems related to any patient seeking medical attention. It is the center of medical care for all kinds of disorders emergent, urgent, or non-urgent through a well-defined plan based on the community needs and defined capability of the hospital.


The Treatment Room was established to provide prompt and proper medical service to all patients who seek help in the emergency care area.

  • It provides an immediate resuscitative response to any patient with critical condition brought to the emergency care area.
  • It examines, diagnoses, and treats any patient who seeks medical as well as surgical attention within the limits of the emergency room set-up and facilities.
  • It refers any patient to the appropriate physician for follow-up or definitive management after the initial treatment has been rendered.
  • It supplies valuable clinical materials for teaching, training, and research purposes of the University Hospital.
  • It serves as a disaster center during crisis.