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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.
Residency Training Application for the year 2016
Profiles of people who form part of our institution. Get to know your doctors, nurses, hospital administration and staff and other co-workers.
  CEO's Corner

Department of Medical Education and Research

The UST Hospital offers a variety of Residency and Post-Residency Sub-specialty Training Programs in the various fields of Medicine and Surgery. The Intern, Resident and Fellow Trainees of the Hospital, collectively known as the House Staff of the UST Hospital, have an extraordinary opportunity to learn ethical modern medicine and an excellent chance to see, diagnose, and treat a wide array of diseases and medical conditions.

To excel in everything that we do is the motto of the UST Hospital. This motto is inculcated in the training of our young and budding doctors who are the future of this Hospital. In fact, excellent Training is central in the vision and mission of this Hospital. Every effort possible is made to provide the material and atmosphere for academic excellence. Practical and ethical hands-on clinical experience, didactic teachings and wisdom and expertise sharing from the senior consultant staff members ensure that this tradition, motto and mission are fulfilled. The UST Hospital encourages research in all its medical disciplines. As an integral part of the training program, Training Officers and other consultants participate in research projects and learn research techniques that adhere to rigorous scientific standards.

The Department of Medical Education and Research works with the Medical Director and with the Chairmen of each Department to ensure that all graduates shall be proficient in the following:

a. To render quality health care to all sectors of the society      including the marginalized group;
b. To provide professional excellent, competent & skillful     service in the various specialties of medicine and surgery;
c. To effectively impart and share knowledge & expertise in the      various specialties of medicine and surgery to our      undergraduate & graduate trainees;
d. And to conduct quality research in their fields of interest.

All of the above-mentioned objectives are in consonance with the three-fold thrust of the UST Hospital, which are: Service, Education and Research.