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NEW EQUIPMENT PROFILE The UST Hospital continues its aggressive equipment-updating program with these new acquisitions.
Residency Training Application for the year 2016
Profiles of people who form part of our institution. Get to know your doctors, nurses, hospital administration and staff and other co-workers.
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Internship Training

The Internship Training Program of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital is a Training program for graduates of Doctor of Medicine (MD) lasting for a period of 12-months. This program is a full-time disciplinary Internship, including rotations in various clinical specialties designed to enhance both academic and technical proficiencies of graduates of Medicine as they serve the patient, the family and community. It is the 2nd year of technical training in the delivery of medical care, a requirement prior to take the Philippine Board Licensure Examination of Physicians.

The rotating intern spends no less than the following period in each specialty:

8 weeks in Surgery
8 weeks in Pediatrics
8 weeks in Medicine
8 weeks in Obstetrics and Gynecology
2 weeks in EENT
4 weeks in Neurology and Psychiatry
8 weeks in Community Medicine
1 week Physical & Rehab Med
 1 week Radiology  

The UST Hospital Internship training program is accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation Inc. (APMC), a non-profit, voluntary organization incorporated under Philippine laws.

The program commences on May 1 of each year and ends on April 30 of the following year. One hundred fifty interns are admitted into the training program each year starting year 2002. Satisfactory completion of the training program shall be awarded to all graduates duly signed by the Coordinator of the Internship Training Program, Head of Graduate Medical Education, Medical Director and the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital.